Saturday, November 9, 2013

sad news

Yesterday I could not find the lone surviving larva.
The tank she is in is a 6 gallon (24liter) bare bottom tank with just an airstone. How could I not find the larva in that? I took the air stone out and looked with a flashlight even though the room is brightly lit. I searched around the tank wondering if she could have jumped out! I wondered if my dog had drank out of the tank and lapped her up! I even wondered if someone had broken in and stolen her!! This is crazy, I thought!

Then I noticed the water level was a few mm higher than normal because I had added a little algae to the water I had returned to the tank after siphoning. I wiggled the plastic frame that's around the top edge of the tank and out she came, swimming erratically. She had gotten herself stuck in there. She looked a little weak and tippy as she swam around and I took some video which I had intended to do anyway since I wanted to share where she was at in her development. She has been so tough that I hoped she would pull through. I added Euterpina acutifrons copepods which are easier to catch and hoped for the best.

Here is the video of her swimming soon after being released from "the trap".

Today she was swimming in spirals and I couldn't let her suffer so I euthanized her at 34 days old and 7mm total length (you can't see all of her tail in the photo). I feel that her development had slowed as a result of the bacterial problem and lower temps this last week.

I learned a lot from this batch and in some ways it was my personal best up until the 50 larvae die off. Although it is sad there is value in what I have learned and it will help us to get further on the next run.

I still have the next larval run going which is at day 6 today. We started with a small number of larvae and I'm only seeing two or three larvae each time I work on the tank. They do look good with nice full guts. I will continue on with it and also continue to check for eggs to start a new larval run.

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