Tuesday, November 5, 2013

day 30 for the lone survivor

Just want to give a quick update that our lone survivor is doing well. She developed her caudal peduncle over the weekend (day27 and 28 of her life). She's hunting and clearing out much more food than I expected. I'm changing water in her tank daily and cleaning her tank every 3 days. She's such a trooper, I just scoop her up in a beaker and set her on the side while I do her house cleaning. I'm still treating her with antibiotics and using wild plankton. Tomorrow I plan to introduce newly hatched Artemia to her menu.

I've collected eggs from the P. venusta brood stock over the last four evenings and only had one spawn with fertile eggs and in that spawn only half the eggs were fertile. I did start our next trial with those eggs. There were 211 fertile eggs (compared to just over a thousand last time) and today is day 2. The protocol for this run will be the same as the last and I will be more vigilant for signs of bacterial problems and nip them in the bud!

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