Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Day 12 of P. venusta trial 5

This larval run is on track when compared to larval trial 3 (Our best P. venusta run to date). Temps are running about the same and  the larvae are close in development as well. This run does have less uniformity in development with a few larvae being slightly deeper bodied than the rest. We do have a few of the flame back angel larvae included in this run and that could be what I'm seeing.
We started this run with approximately 30% of the amount of eggs we started trial 3 with and I expected to see less larvae in this run. I am counting close to the same numbers of larvae on the same days post hatch as trial 3 but I am cheating in that I have a third of the bottom a lighter color so that I can see into the water column better. I'll feel more confident in the numbers after their first tank move when I can get an accurate count.
Sorry, no photos or video this time.

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