Friday, September 4, 2015

Baby Bandits have graduated to a grow out tank

Now that the little bandit angels have settled out, I've moved them to their Big Girl tank (grow out tank). That was yesterday at day 50. You can see them acclimating to the new tank at this link.  There are four that have settled and two that are way behind in development. All are now in the grow out tank.

I plan to start another larval run with the next new moon. Hopefully we'll get some fertile eggs. It doesn't matter to me which broodstock pairs cooperate with this but I sure wish it would be Faith and Fabio or Jaws and Connie (hint hint to you two couples!).

I'd also like to let you all know that I was convinced to try Facebook and so I have been posting videos there as well. It's actually easier to post there without having to go through You Tube but the page also containers other non fish stuff.  I'm still learning my way around Faceboook but feel free to check it out. I try to check it everyday to confirm friend requests.