Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Happy First Birthday to the Genicanthus personatus

Time sure does fly by!

It was one year ago today that the G. personatus hatched. (They were spawned the evening of March second and hatched out of their eggs late in the afternoon of March third.)
At 5pm today we will be having a celebratory beer. Where ever you are in the world, join us at 5pm Hawaii time in a Happy Birthday cheer!

I have to apologize for not keeping up on this blog the last few months. There hasn't been any fun fishy stuff going on here to write about. I have been busy though in getting the termites taken care of and then decided to change another bedroom into a fish room. The room project has taken way longer than I thought but we are working on the base boards and door trim today. Then it's just finishing up the electrical, getting the AC installed and doing some touch up painting. I've had a lot of help with this and truly appreciate it.

If there had been any fertile spawns the last few months I would have put the room on hold and tried to raise more fish. There has been some pre spawning activity but no eggs and I keep telling myself "patience is a virtue". Faith and Fabio are still dancing the dance and not producing any eggs. Jaws and Connie are getting a little frisky and I can't believe how much Connie has grown. I had hoped that the change in temperature would help with spawning but I think all the moving around of fish for termite treatment may have upset that. As soon as we get fertile eggs and larval rearing starts again you'll see it here!