Saturday, May 31, 2014

Back in Action

I've started another P. venusta larval run and we're at day 5 today. This run is a cultured foods only trial and the larvae are looking good so far. I've also decided to throw in some additional variables so we're running at a higher temperature and have started with a higher stocking density. I know some of you are probably thinking, "well that's not very scientific" and you're right. My decision to go this route is based on the successful P. venusta run which was unbearably long. This species is a tropical species and that run having taken place in a subtropical climate during the winter months led me to opt for the higher temp of 27C. As far as the higher stocking density goes, I was unsure as to what level I wanted to stock the tank at and was going to stock it the same as the successful larval run but there was a healthy spawn of 1079 fertile eggs….. If I've made a mistake and stocked too high it will most likely be evident early on and I'll just have to start over again. Going with cultured foods only is a no brainer since that is one of my top priorities. Keep in mind that there are always many more variables going on and hopefully as we move forward we can tease them out.

Saturday, May 10, 2014

blondie the unknown larva identified

Well it looks like our blonde larva is turning out to be Centropyge acanthops!

If you remember I had added 20 C. acanthops eggs to the P. venusta run at the start. I could tell the difference between the two species with the acanthops larvae having a longer, narrower body shape. I thought I had lost them all early on during the run but blondie must have persevered! I hadn't thought she was C. acanthops since her body shape was higher as she approached metamorphosis.

This has been great fun and she is turning into a cute juvy. She also gets along very well with her P. venusta tank mate (for now anyway!).

I'm currently waiting until the end of May for my hand to heal after carpal tunnel surgery and will start back up with both the Rising Tide work (focusing on P. venusta, C. potteri and C. jordani) and the side projects with whoever spawns (hopefully Faith and Fabio or Jaws and Connie).

Happy Mothers Day to all you moms!!

Sunday, May 4, 2014

160 days

Well we're at 160 days and our little blonde girl is still going through metamorphosis! I still don't know what she's going to turn out to be and maybe she's taking her time cause she doesn't know either!

Here's a video taken today. You can see that she is getting some darker markings (which look darker in person) on her body and darker pigment through some of her fins. Her behavior has changed slightly in that she is sleeping in even longer than before and tends to run for cover more often. You may also notice that her swimming has more of a wiggle to it now which also doesn't seem to show up as much on the video. It's more of a clownfish wiggle or maybe it's a little hula.  :)