Monday, November 18, 2013

Quick update

I've been collecting eggs all week planning on starting a new larval run with a higher stocking density than the last.  There were small spawns all week with lower fertility rates (50% t0 60%). I ended up starting a new run with 284 eggs which isn't much more than the last batch! The spawn is again from the P. venusta and there are also 20 eggs from the flame back angels that were donated as part of the Fabio project. The flame back male has been involved in pre spawning behavior for a while and the female was somewhat interested. This last week the female has been initiating the spawns. There have been 50 or so eggs with each spawn and the spawn I used had 20 fertile eggs. I'm sure they will continue to improve their production and we'll have more of their eggs added to the larval runs in the future. Today is day 4 for this new run.

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