Thursday, December 26, 2013

Happy Holidays Everyone!

Just want to say Happy Holidays to all you larval fish lovers out there!
I hope the holidays are wonderful for you all and that the New Year is filled with fish successes!

The P. venusta larvae are doing well and are 41 days old today on Christmas Day.
There are still 24 left and they haven't changed much in development over the past week but some are really pulling away from the rest in size. I have put my magic rock in the tank in hopes that they will settle in it. It is the rock my first clownfish pair spawned on back in the early eighties and the rock the G. personatus settled on over ten years ago. Last year at this time the G. watanabei were playing in it just after settlement.

The larger larvae are orienting to the sides and bottom of the tank and were so cute a couple of days ago as twelve of them were lined up in a row at the edge where the bottom meets the side of the tank. They all had their tails towards the tank side, facing the middle of the tank with even spacing of  a couple of mm between each larva. I tried to get a photo but there was too much reflection. They looked like tiny synchronized swimmers!

They are consuming amazing amounts of Artemia and I am equally amazed by (and proud of) the amount of feces they are producing! Good quality poop = good quality larvae!

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