Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Photo of day 6 A. arcuatus larva

Here's the best I could do for now in terms of a photo.
I can now say that I'm 100% sure that these are the Bandit Angelfish,  A. arcuatus.
Sooooooooo happy to be working with them again!


  1. Are these being raised on cultured copepods, or are you feeding collected/wild copepods?

    1. Hi Chad,

      I'm using mostly cultured plankton and supplementing with wild plankton when it's available. My strategy when working with larvae is to include wild plankton until I have success so that I can see how the larval development should be through the different phases/ages of the larval period. Then I switch to only cultured plankton for subsequent larval runs with that fish species.

    2. That's fantastic. I'm in MN, so wild copepods are not useful. Hearing success with cultured copepods is inspiring. I'll be at the MBI workshop this weekend, and angelfish culture will be a hot topic I'm sure.

  2. Replies
    1. Thanks Ed,

      Still a couple months to go with these babies so keep your fingers crossed. :)