Monday, September 8, 2014

P. venusta update

The P. venusta from Trial 8 which was fed only cultured foods throughout the larval period are now at day 69.  They have been hesitant to switch over to non living foods. They will look carefully at the foods and puff at them but will not yet consume them so I have added a few young ocellaris clownfish to each venusta grow out tank. I'm hoping for the "monkey see monkey do" response as the venusta watch the ocellaris consume flakes, pellets and frozen foods.

Here is a video link of the P. venusta (about 1/2 inch size) and ocellaris clowns (1/4 inch size). This video was taken yesterday.

I also took a couple of videos of the G. personatus yesterday and will get them up here in the next couple of days. (It just takes a while to upload them to youtube. Slow connection in my neighborhood!)


  1. They look great at 69 days old. Do you have any updates on this batch? Also, just to confirm, these were raised entirely on Parvo, and nothing else, correct? Thank you :)

  2. Hi Chad,

    The larvae had started to feed better on frozen foods by day75. At this time I also started to see bickering amongst them. They do become very aggressive towards each other in the juvenile stage and need to be separated.

    To confirm, they were raised on only cultured foods starting with parvo and then moving on to Artemia.