Saturday, July 12, 2014

P. venusta Trial 8 day 13

We left off on June 27 hoping to get a good batch of eggs on the new moon. You all did a great job at keeping your fingers crossed and we had another large spawn. I collected the spawn, took it out to the fish garage and set it on top of one of the water storage barrels. As I bent over and reached around to grab an air line I knocked the barrel with my rear end just enough to jiggle the beaker of eggs and cause the top 2mm of water in the beaker to slosh out over the top. About 90% of the eggs were floating in that surface water and were now all over the top of the water storage barrel.  All I could do was clean up the mess and go to bed grumpy.

The following night the venusta pair produced a smaller spawn of 424 eggs. All were fertile and Trial 8 was finally underway.
Today we are at day 13 and the larvae look great. We've had very good survival and I estimate there are currently 120 larvae. I've been keeping the food density at 2 to 4 items per ml. and temp. at 25 to 26C.

Here is a video taken this morning. Like my other videos it goes in and out of focus but there are some good glimpses of the larvae.

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