Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Slow and Steady

Today is day 68 for the Paracentropyge venusta larvae and they are doing well.
The five larvae that were moved into a grow out aquarium are growing and seem to enjoy being in the tank. Here is a video taken yesterday.


Since those five are doing well, I've moved the rest of the larvae into a 40 gallon breeder sized tank. This tank is also set up with an under gravel filter, pvc fitting and some dried coral rubble. The larvae have been growing steadily but development to the next phase seems slow.  Two of the larvae in each tank have a slight blue iridescent hue just forward of and below the dark dorsal area. On most of the larvae the first three dorsal spines are now golden in color.

Faith and Fabio continue to spawn and have somewhat of a pattern of three nights spawning then one or two nights off.  Each spawn consists of approximately 100 eggs and the eggs have not yet been fertile. I have my fingers crossed for the next new moon in just over a week.

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