Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Faith and Fabio produce fertile eggs!!!

This has been an amazing journey with all of the help to acquire Faith, fly her to Hawaii, get her through quarantine and introduce her to Fabio. And Five days after meeting each other Faith and Fabio produce their first fertile eggs!!

I thought this blog would be slow to start but here we go...
While I was doing fish chores last night and watching Faith and Fabio out of the corner of my eye I thought Faith looked a little more plump than normal. I set an egg screen on the outflow thinking that Faith was probably just plump from all I had fed them that day and the possibility that she had hydrated eggs was crazy. Setting this egg screen is just to check for spawns and not to actually collect the eggs since the eggs tend to get damaged with so much water going through the outflow. I checked the screen this morning and couldn't believe my eyes, There were eggs! Just a few and mostly damaged or infertile but they were eggs and a few were fertile.

This photo shows a fertile egg (the egg at the top) and two infertile eggs.

Next is a closer look at the fertile egg where you can see the developing larva within.

I was not prepared for this and so will not attempt to raise these eggs. I plan to collect any fertile eggs starting Thursday night and that will be our first larval run!
I still can't believe things are going this fast!
Huge thanks to Wayne and his connections for 'finding Faith' (move over Nemo here comes the next Disney film) and another huge thank you to all of you who made donations to get Faith and Fabio together!!!


  1. Way to go, Karen (well, and Faith and Fabio, too)! Keep up the good work, and best of luck starting tonight.

    1. Thanks! All of our fingers and fins are crossed!